Investment Focus:

TRIAD's current investment focus is on middle-market companies that provide innovative services and products for agencies of the U.S. federal government. In particular, we are looking for companies and management teams with the experience, drive, and trusted relationship with their current customers to serve as platforms for significant future growth, both organically and through acquisitions funded by TRIAD and its partners. We are prepared to make both minority and control investments as appropriate.

We seek to partner with companies with the following characteristics:

  • Strong, trusted government agency relationships
  • Mission-critical services and products
  • Robust historic organic growth, and well-positioned in growing/protected budget niches
  • Minimal small-business set aside, and no 8(a) exposure
  • Prime contractor in the majority of their work
  • Participants on attractive contract vehicles

TRIAD is comfortable with both partnering with existing management and with bringing in a new management team to facilitate a founder's transition. We have a cadre of experienced senior executives available both operationally and at the board of directors’ level to help lead portfolio companies to their next stage of growth. In addition to seeking investments, we welcome the opportunity to develop relationships with executives prepared to help lead future companies.